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About Aircraft

The aircraft used in our single-engine course is the Piper Archer 4 passenger craft renown for it's high performance and stability, and our dual-engine craft is the 6-passenger Piper Aztec.

Piper Archer

Piper Archer II (PA28-181): Maximum power 180hp. Maximum speed 125 knots. 4 passengers. This single engine aircraft is used for our Experience Flight course.

Piper Aztec

Piper Aztec (PA23-250): Maximum power 250hp. Maximum speed 175 knots. 6 passengers. This twin-engine aircraft is used for Experience Flight course

Mechanics of Washin Air

All aircraft flown at Washin Air receive a rigorous check-up every 100 hours of flight time, so they are reliable for flights at all times. Our mechanics, Carl and Darryl, work hard so that you can have a safe and enjoyable flight.

Pre-Flight Engine Check
We tune-up the engines before takeoff so that your flight can be a safe and enjoyable one.  
Maintenance every 100 hours
On top of the pre-flight checks per every 100 hours of flight time, we do various check-ups including an engine check, cylinder compression check, oil change, flight control check, frame check and wire check.
A&P and IA Approved Mechanics
Carl and Darryl are A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) and IA (Inspection Authorization) licensed mechanics. They personally go through a checklist of several dozens of items to guarantee that each aircraft is in top condition. Only A&P approved mechanics are able to approve an aircraft as being flight-worthy after a checkup.