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After a simple briefing on instruments and flight control, we board the aircraft! As soon as you step out of the office, you're in the hangar (aircraft storage), and right out back is Honolulu Airport, with the aircraft that you will pilot and the instructor.

You ARE the Captain

In the single-engine aircraft, there are 2 seats in the back, while the multi-engine aircraft has 4. The left is the captain's seat, and the right is the co-pilot's. On the Experience Flight course, you will sit in the captain's seat and pilot the aircraft, and your instructor will be seated on the right, giving you instructions.

Interior & Equipment

Enjoy Sightseeing from the Back Seat
If you sign up for the Experience Flight course and have guests, they will be seated in the back. From here, your friends and family members can witness your piloting skills! Or they can just look out the window and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii from above! Single-engine aircraft seat 2, while the multi-engine aircraft seat 4.
A Reliable Co-pilot
On your right, the instructor will be seated at all times and give you very specific instructions, so even a first-timer can fly with ease. All instructors at Washin Air undergo strict training and are certified by the FAA.
Just in Case
Since the opening of its doors, Washin Air has conducted over 75,000 flights without any accidents. However, we are prepared with life vests just in case that anything might happen. Air-sickness bags are also available in the aircraft.

Various Courses

Washin Air offers various courses including the Experience Flights and Sightseeing Flights for your enjoyment. For details take a look at the “COURSE and PRICE” page.

Short Flight
After a 15 minutes pre-flight briefing on piloting, take a 30 minutes flight with you at the controls.
Standard Flight
You will ascend, decend, bank and level out.  Available to anyone over grade school level.  Approx. 60 minutes.
Circle Oahu Sightseeing Flight
You will circle the island of Oahu once, in a 1 hour flight. Much quicker than riding a bus!