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To ensure that everyone feels safe during the flight, we conduct a pre-flight briefing to introduce the instruments and techniques that are incorporated during the flight. Here's an overview of what will be discussed. Please make use of this to prepare and review.

Know Your Instruments

There are just 6 instruments that are crucial to your flight! However, the only thing you need to keep your eyes on for this flight is the altimeter. All you need to do is remember the names of the rest!
Speed Meter
This instrument is displayed in knots. Multiply by 2 to calculate into kilometers. Your flight will be around 110 knots or 220 kilometers.
Atitude Indicator
This shows you aircraft's position. The sky is blue and ground is brown. The orange portion represents the aircraft. This meter tells you the angle your aircraft is banking.
This instrument is displayed in feet. It shows how high up you are. The short hand displays in 1000 feet increments while the long hand is in 100 feet increments.
Vertical Speed Indicator
This meter shows your climbing and descending rate in feet. It indicates the rate of climbing and descending.
This shows the aircraft's heading. N for North, E for East, W for West and S for South.
Turn Coordinator
Shows which way the aircraft is banking. Somewhat similar to the attitude meter.

Controlling the aircraft

You will take off, level off and land the aircraft. We will give you a simple briefing, but you do not need to remember all of the techniques to control the aircraft. The flight instructor will be seated right next to you the whole time, so relax, experience the thrill of flying, and enjoy the scenery from above!
Enter the Runway, and Prepare for Take-off
It's just like driving a car to the runway. When you take your position on the Honolulu International Airport runway, place your hands on the control stick and throttle. When the flight instructor tells you to do so, slowly nudge the throttle forward. The plane will increase speed along with a deafening roar.
Pull the Controls at 60 Knots
As the plane goes down the runway, slowly pull back on the controls at 60 knots when the instructor gives you the signal. The plane lifts off surprisingly easily. This is the moment you will feel the excitement that you are in control of the plane!
Level Off at 1500 Feet
When the altimeter points at 1:30, you are at 1500 feet. Push the controls forward slowly and align the dashboard with the horizon to attain level flight. If the horizon drops below the dashboard, you are climbing, and if it rises, you are descending.  
All the runways are numbered. The flight instructor will communicate with the control tower via radio to get clearance for a certain runway. When you see your assigned runway, push forward on your controls slowly to start your descent. The instructor will guide you all the way through. Great job!

Your Flight is Official

Your Experience Flight with Washin Air is not only enjoyable, but is officially logged as flight experience. You will receive a certificate of flight along with a logbook.
Certificate of Flight
When you return, you will receive a flight certificate with your name on it, along with a logbook that records your flight time. These are official, and can be credited to your air-time. You're now an official pilot-in-training!
Official Logbook
You will receive a logbook that records your flight time. In the event you decide to get a pilot's license, the time logged can be credited to your flight experience.
Your flight is recorded
You can purchase a DVD of your flight experience! The instructor's voice and commands from the control tower are also recorded, so it all adds to the experience! Take it home, show your friends and or give it to your family as a souvenir! *Production of the DVD may take some time. We will deliver the finished product to your hotel or mail it to your home address.

Various Courses

Washin Air offers various courses including the Experience Flights and Sightseeing Flights for your enjoyment. For details take a look at the “COURSE and PRICE” page.

Short Flight
After a 15 minutes pre-flight briefing on piloting, take a 30 minutes flight with you at the controls.
Standard Flight
You will ascend, decend, bank and level out.  Available to anyone over grade school level.  Approx. 60 minutes.
Circle Oahu Sightseeing Flight
You will circle the island of Oahu once, in a 1 hour flight. Much quicker than riding a bus!