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Washin Air Staff

All of our staff at Washin Air are friendly and love flying. We always try our best so that you can enjoy the experience from Hawaii's skies. Please feel free to stop by and chat with us at our office. Click on the send message button and you can write a comment on our blog.

President, Ogura
He is born in Kyoto, Japan and has been dedicated to helping you fly Hawaii's skies, with the Japanese spirit of "Wa" (Harmony) and "Shin" (truth).
Family: Wife, son, and daughter
Hobbies: Cars, Model building, golf and drinking
Dislikes: Bell peppers, cucumber, natto
Katsuhiko Emoto
He immigrated to Hawaii in 2009.  He is s ground school instructor and student advisor here at Washin Air.
Career History: Former ANA B747-400 International pilot and IBEXCRJ-200 pilot. Flight experience: 18,500 hours
Family: Wife
Hobbies: Golf, Marine sports
Kouhei Toyo-oka
CFI. graduated Univ. of Central Missouri, department of Aviation. Hawaii in 2012
Family: single
Hobbies: Car, Soccer, Sake,watching a game, walking
All office work and reservation.
Hobbies: Jogging, Golf
Favorite Foods: Baumkouchen
We leave all the office work to her.  She was born in Tokyo. Husband is a former professional drummer.
Family: Husband
Hobbies: Hawaiian quilt, Sports (as a spectator too), Music
Current Trend: Bicycles
Favorite Foods: Pasta, dessert
He transports guests between Wakiki and our office in Honolulu international airport. Faster, comfortable and safty.
Family: Wife, boy and girl
Hobbies: Reading
Karl Dauphin
Karl is a Washin Air's reliable mechanic.  Trained and certified as a mechanic in the Navy, he was once in charge of maintenance of the Presidential Helicopter before he moved to Hawaii. 
Proprietor, Dauphin Air (maintenance company)
Family: single (and looking!)  2 daughters, 2 grand children
Hobby: Golf
Darryl is a Washin Air's reliable mechanic along with Carl. He conducts rigorous inspections every 100 hours for your safety.
Family: Single
Hobby: Airplane restoration

Various Courses

Washin Air offers various courses including the Experience Flights and Sightseeing Flights for your enjoyment. For details take a look at the “COURSE and PRICE” page.

Short Flight
After a 15 minutes pre-flight briefing on piloting, take a 30 minutes flight with you at the controls.
Standard Flight
You will ascend, decend, bank and level out.  Available to anyone over grade school level.  Approx. 60 minutes.
Circle Oahu Sightseeing Flight
You will circle the island of Oahu once, in a 1 hour flight. Much quicker than riding a bus!