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Experience Flying the Hawaiian Sky

Washin Plane
Explore the breathtaking views of Hawaii from the sky!

Washin Air is a company that conducts training and sightseeing flights 365 days throughout the year at the Daniel K. Inouye Airport (Honolulu International Airport) for mostly Japanese tourists. All planes have 2 control sticks—one for the trainee and one for the instructor—so that the instructor can take over the piloting whenever necessary. We go over further strict maintenance and inspections in accordance with the FAA codes and our own additional internal regulations, and we have our aircraft insured for 1 million dollars in case of emergencies.


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Pilot in Hawaii “Flight Experience”

This is a course where you actually hold the control stick in the captain’s seat. The instructor will support you during take-off and landing, and after leveling out you are in control. Explore the Hawaiian sky while you ascend, bank, and descend. An FAA certified instructor will be seated right next to you, so relax and enjoy yourself.

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Hawaii Sky Tour “Scenic Flight”

This is a sightseeing course to explore Oahu’s best scenic spots. We offer a total of 6 tours including Circle Oahu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay, Ko Olina, and the Tora Tora Tora tour that goes around Pearl Harbor. A night flight tour is also available in which you can enjoy the million-dollar night view! Enjoy the many moods of Hawaii.

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Washin Air Logo Merchandise Store

We sell our logo merchandise such as polo shirts, t-shirts, hats, straps, and stickers. Please feel free to stop by the merchandise store inside of our office after your flight session is over.


The 3 reasons why Washin Air is awesome!

Quality 1

57,000 flights

Since the establishment in 1997, Washin Air has conducted over 57,000 flights. Our experienced pilots, instructors and mechanics will fully support your flight, so relax and enjoy the Hawaiian sky.

Quality 2

ZERO accidents

Since the establishment in 1997, Washin air has had ZERO accidents. Including the inspection before flight, we check up on the aircraft every 100 hours of flight in accordance to the Federal Aviation Act to make sure your flight is safe.

Quality 4

Free transportation

Free transportation service is available 3 times a day for hotels in Waikiki and Ala Moana area. We will let you know the best pick up time according to your flight plan. Our drivers are all friendly!


We would like to provide the people in Japan, Hawaii, U.S. and all around the world the dream and joy of flying the sky, as well as seek both mental and physical happiness for all staff through our services of “Flight Experience”, “Scenic Flight”, and “Flight Training”.


Perfect is standard!
Convey the greatness of the sky and safeness of aircraft to people. Train a safe pilot that is compliant all over the world.

Washin Air “3W”

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[ Mission ]


Share the fascination of flying the sky to the people

[ Vision ]


With the heart of Harmony and Truth, bring world peace

[ Dream ]


Spread wings from Hawaii to the world


Washin Air’s CI (Corpoprate Identity design) was awarded Gold at Hawaii’s biggest award show in design, advertising, and mass media “The Pele Awards 2016 (organized by AAF Hawaii)”, and MERIT by America’s design award “2016 HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards (organized by HOW)”.

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